About Me/Resume

The question I get asked most often:  What does a producer do?!?

Well the producer is there to cultivate the project from ideation to execution.  Which means at any point, the producer may have to write the script, find the cast and funding, hire a crew, maintain the budget, hold a camera, set up lights, call out action, edit the project, and self-distribute.

Basically, the producer is there to answer the call.

I am a Creative and Operations based Producer experienced in delivering content for all types of platforms including broadcast, online, and mobile. Vast technical knowledge of various web, video, sound editing, and business systems including Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Microsoft Office Suite, and various camera workflows.

With 10+ years of experience within the web content space supporting brands such as NBCUniversal, OWN, Disney ABC Television Group, BET, ESPN, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, versatility in storytelling is my specialty and essential to my survival!